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ARCH in Education

Arch Foundation leverages SDGs 4, 5, 10, and 17 to enhance education equality, empower women, reduce inequalities, and foster partnerships.


Our initiatives have uplifted marginalized communities, promoting inclusive education and creating opportunities that bridge gender and economic gaps, while collaboratively working towards sustainable development goals.



At Arch Foundation, our research drives empowerment, sustainability, and education by uncovering and addressing root causes of societal issues. We focus on innovative solutions that promote gender equality, economic stability, and educational access.


Our studies guide policy-making and program development, ensuring targeted and effective interventions. By fostering knowledge and understanding, we empower communities to achieve self-sufficiency and advocate for systemic change, leading to more resilient and educated populations equipped to face future challenges.

ARCH in Volunteering

At Arch Foundation, our volunteers are at the heart of transformative educational initiatives. They engage in a variety of activities, from tutoring and mentoring to developing and delivering innovative educational materials and workshops.


These passionate individuals help bridge educational gaps in underserved communities, offering tailored support and resources that empower students of all ages. Their dedication not only enhances learning outcomes but also fosters a love of learning and critical thinking among students, paving the way for a brighter, more informed future. Through their efforts, we're making education accessible and enriching, one community at a time.

"I was thrilled to attend the remedial session, not only by me but also by my friends and classmates. I love playing mind games which is very helpful for my studies. I also like doing craft activities during creative activity sessions. I would like to participate in all the upcoming competitions because I had so much fun participating in the handwriting competition. It was indeed very motivating. Thank you!"


- Vishnupriya,

Grade 8, Government High School – Thirumalayampalayam

“This income will help me suffice for my household expense”
“We received the material to make rakhis, I will use this material and prepare the rakhis which would in turn help me earn an income to suffice my basic household expenses."

- Tulcha Kunvar 

SHG Member under Unnati ki Shakti

“We initiated making Eco Bricks at school and saw that we were able to upcycle a lot of plastic waste. This made me wonder why there is so
much plastic waste generated in our homes, too, so now I have started collecting the wrappers and other plastic waste generated at home and making eco-bricks at home. Thanks to all teachers from ARCH for giving us such an important skill and lesson for maintaining a
sustainable life."

- Diwan Gausiya,

Eco club Leader, MES Boys High School

ARCH in Empowerment

We strive to eradicate poverty and ensure no one is left behind by promoting inclusive economic growth and decent work opportunities. We empower women by advocating for gender equality, breaking barriers, and creating spaces for women to thrive.


Our efforts also focus on reducing inequalities and making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. Through these dedicated efforts, we aim to build a foundation for a sustainable future that benefits everyone, fostering communities that are equitable and thriving.

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