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Dear Stakeholders,

As co-founders of ARCH Development Foundation, we are delighted to welcome you to an endeavor that was conceived with a vision back in 2012 and officially came into existence in 2015. Our journey began with a clear and compelling purpose—to harness the power of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in aligning corporate strategies with global sustainability goals.

At ARCH, we believe that every company has a significant role to play in shaping a sustainable future. While there are millions of possibilities for corporations to make an impact, identifying the right opportunities that optimize social return on investment is crucial. Our foundation is dedicated to facilitating this alignment, ensuring that corporates can contribute effectively to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our commitment is to serve as a conduit between corporates and their potential to make a positive impact. By engaging with various stakeholders—communities, investors, policymakers, and other relevant parties—we aim to create a framework where Corporate Social Responsibility transcends traditional boundaries and becomes a cornerstone of strategic decision-making.

We invite you to join us in this mission to transform potential into action, where every step forward is towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

Warm regards,


Meet our founders, the visionaries who turned their passion for change into action. Driven by a commitment to empower communities.


Our dedicated leaders at the helm of our mission: the Board of Directors who steer our efforts in empowering communities and fostering sustainable change.


Our esteemed advisors, experts in diverse fields, guide our initiatives, ensuring they are effective, sustainable, and community-focused.


Our diverse and dedicated team is passionately committed  and skilled to empowering and inspiring positive change in communities.


Mr. Nishant Shah and Ms. Sonkee Shah, the visionary leaders of Arch Foundation, are distinguished for their innovative approach to addressing global challenges. With a background in social entrepreneurship, Mr. Shah brings a strategic vision that focuses on sustainable development and impactful partnerships. Mrs. Shah, an advocate for women's rights and educational reform, infuses passion and expertise into initiatives that empower women and promote inclusive education. Together, they steer Arch Foundation toward its goals of enhancing community resilience and fostering global cooperation. Their leadership not only drives the organization forward but also inspires a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers to turn visionary ideas into reality.

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Founder & Director

Nishant Shah
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Founder & CEO

Sonkee Shah


Dr. K. K.
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Mr. Paneesh
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Dr. Kalpana Matanpotra
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Mr. Chintan
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At ARCH Development Foundation, we pride ourselves on our diverse and specialized teams, each contributing unique expertise to fulfill our mission. Here’s an overview of our core strengths:

Subject Matter Experts

Our team of subject matter experts brings invaluable experience and deep expertise rooted in practical, on-the-ground knowledge.

Project Commissioning Team

Our Project Commissioning Team excels at initiating and setting up new projects. They are skilled in establishing strong rapport with stakeholders, initiating groundwork, and networking with authorities to lay a solid foundation for the project team to build upon.

Research Analysts

Our research analysts are crucial in gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing data to inform project designs and outcomes. Their work ensures that all initiatives are based on solid evidence, enhancing the impact and efficiency of our interventions.

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists

Monitoring and evaluation are pivotal to our success. This team provides ongoing analysis to assess the effectiveness of our projects, ensuring transparency and accountability, and facilitating continuous improvement.

Data Management and Analysis Experts

In a data-driven world, our experts in data management and analysis provide the backbone for all strategic decisions. They ensure the integrity and security of data while deriving actionable insights that drive project success.

Project Implementation Team

Our project implementation team is the driving force behind the execution of our initiatives. They work tirelessly on the ground to bring our projects to life, ensuring that every strategy is implemented with precision and adaptability to local conditions.


“ARCH's ability to customize CSR programs as per the need of the beneficiaries showcases a dedication to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by communities across India. Their commitment to these causes, coupled with a dedicated team driven by unparalleled work ethics and passion, has enabled exponential growth within a remarkably short span. It's a privilege to be associated with an organization that not only prioritizes impactful initiatives but also values adaptability and ethical practices in their pursuit of a better tomorrow for all."

Mr. KK Upadhyay

ARCH team is full of empathy and enthusiasm. Their work is a testament of their commitment and dedication towards community development. The team is excellent in meticulous planning and has a deep understanding of India's social landscape. Their value driven attitude has always helped to deliver path breaking initiatives in the CSR space.

Mr. Chintan Joshi

"Education and proper support is essential for change in society. Arch Foundation is doing this beautifully at various levels with intensive planning and commitment based on future output. As an empaneled trainer, i have been impressed by the organisation's mission and impact. i am very happy to be associated with Arch."

Hardik Prajapati,

Founder - Avkash Consultancy,

Empaneled trainer with ARCH

My association with the professional team of ARCH Development Foundation started with a wonderful experience of facilitating Teachers’ Training in the “Joy of Learning” CSR initiative of L&T Defence in 2023. As a trusted CSR implementation partner, their relentless efforts in Empowering educators through “Teachers’ Workshops” and “Career Guidance Programmes” to students has a commendable influence where their genuine intent achieves a lasting impact in young minds. I am spell-bound by the team’s operational excellence perfectly in line with their vision.

Vidhya Vikram,

Founder - Skills on Biz Coimbatore,

Empaneled trainer with ARCH

I had an amazing experience collaborating with the ARCH team as an Empanelled trainer for Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu to host the Teachers Training Workshops. Their exceptional focus and commitment make them standout and they deserve to be awarded as “Most Trusted NGO” by Indian CSR Awards. As a trainer I could feel a great clarity in their training plan, coordination and professionally managed implementation process.

Vikram Balachandran,

Co-Founder - Skills on Biz, Coimbatore,

Empaneled trainer with ARCH

We proudly endorse ARCH Foundation for their outstanding efforts in bridging the gap and connecting with underprivileged communities that have limited access to resources. Their remarkable work in the realms of mental health and life skills, particularly geared towards empowering young girls, deserves commendation. ANON Global Foundation is honored to be an integral part of their community initiatives.

Arti Girdhar
Founder & President - Anon Global Foundation,

Empaneled trainer with ARCH

I must say ARCH Foundation has a very rich hold at the grassroot level. While conducting classes in the villages, I saw how the community is attached to the organisation. The organisation has a deep insight about the community need based interventions. Their good work is spreading PAN India.

Bhavna Rajput,

Empaneled trainer with ARCH

"We are proud to be associated with ARCH for their unwavering commitment to fostering confidence, self-defense skills, and holistic development among the next generation of young women. It is a pleasure to contribute to their various impactful CSR initiatives providing mixed martial arts training to government school girls in Gujarat and Rajasthan."

Sonal Makwan,

President, MMA Association Gujarat,

Empaneled trainer with ARCH


Mr. Nishant Shah and Ms. Hema Mehta, directors at Arch Foundation, exemplify focused leadership. Nishant's strategic acumen and Hema's expert governance drive the organization's mission forward efficiently.


Their dedicated approach ensures impactful and sustainable outcomes in every initiative, inspiring the team with their unwavering commitment.

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Founder & Director

Nishant Shah
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Hema Mehta
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