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Career at ARCH

Join Arch Foundation and be a part of something bigger! We're looking for passionate, driven individuals eager to make a real difference. Here, your work directly contributes to transformative change, supporting sustainable development goals and empowering underserved communities.

Embrace a career that aligns your professional growth with your values, offers diverse opportunities, and connects you to a global network of changemakers. Start your journey with us and help shape a brighter, more equitable future. Dive into a role where every day, you're changing lives.

You can either fill in the form or mail us your resume to get your journey kickstarted in the world of evolution. 

Vacancies at ARCH

Senior Coordinator

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Project Associate – Code Educator

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Working with ARCH has been a dynamic journey. Arch has given me the opportunity to express myself in the field and develop my own understanding. A friendly work environment has allowed me to learn and develop skills as well as polish my own talents. My journey here has been incredible and self developing.

Pranshav Acharya,

Learning and Enrichment Fellow

Being a fellow at ARCH was a really fulfilling experience. The atmosphere is friendly, and the projects we worked on are all aimed at making a real difference in the communities. At ARCH the projects are not just about addressing immediate needs, it's about creating lasting change and impact, and for me that is the real essence of social work. I'm grateful that through ARCH I got the opportunity to contribute to something meaningful.

Mansi Chaudhary

Learning and Enrishment Fellow

ARCH Foundation provides a pool of opportunities for people who seek to deepen their learning and grow in the field of CSR. The CSR projects and the fieldwork opportunities, provided me with the exposure to ground level solutions involved in social work. With a welcoming and warm environment, and an energetic and friendly work culture, interning at ARCH has not only helped me evolve as a student, but also as a human being.

Apoorva Chavda,

MHRM student, Faculty of Social Work, MSU

As an Intern I feel blessed by having Internship experience at ARCH Foundation. They gave opportunity to engage in their CSR projects and fieldwork at actual ground level work and get experience through valuable mentorship of agency. ARCH Foundation was a great, helpful and transformative experience for me. The organization's inclusive and friendly work culture, It add up my moral as well as corporate value. My internship at ARCH Foundation has been a rewarding journey, I am grateful for the support, encouragement, and opportunities provided by the entire team.

Ravi Bhambhana,

MHRM student, Faculty of Social Work, MSU

We conducted a survey in 18 villages of Bharuch and Dahej over a period of 10 days, facilitated by the ARCH Foundation. During this survey, I encountered numerous new experiences, and it provided me with valuable insights. ARCH Foundation team was very supportive thproughout and focussed on our learning as well. We were given freedom to independently work which helped in boosting my confidence. This was one of a kind experience and I will forever be grateful for it.

Mahima Pawar,

BSW student, Anand Institute of Social Work

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