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Sessions and Workshops

ARCH specialised in designing and implementing volunteering activities that engage the company's employees in a variety of task tailored to their expertise and interests. Furthermore, the activities planned are seamlessly integrated into the project design, contributing to a greater cause beyond mere enjoyment.

Some activities which our volunteers love to engage in:

Sessions and Workshops:

ARCH offers employee volunteering opportunities in sessions and workshops designed to leverage employees' expertise in educational and professional development areas. These interactive sessions not only contribute to the long-term goals of our projects but also enhance employee retention by providing meaningful participation in CSR and social work.

Unique and Purpose-Driven Employee Volunteering at ARCH

At ARCH, we believe that employee volunteering is more than just an act of service—it's a strategic engagement that benefits both the community and the corporate sphere. Our volunteering opportunities are uniquely designed to align with the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals and provide significant, measurable impacts on both local and broader scales.

Strategic Value and Purpose: Each volunteering opportunity created by ARCH is crafted with precision to ensure it serves a dual purpose: advancing the long-term goals of our projects and enhancing the personal and professional growth of the volunteers. By integrating these opportunities into our project design, we ensure that every effort contributes directly to sustainable development and community empowerment.

Benefits to Companies: Companies collaborating with ARCH find that our volunteering opportunities greatly contribute to employee retention and satisfaction. Employees feel a greater sense of loyalty and fulfillment from working in a company that not only invests in their growth but also cares about making a positive impact in the world. Furthermore, these initiatives help enhance the company's image as a responsible business committed to meaningful social contributions.

Outcome: The outcomes of our volunteering efforts are twofold. On one hand, they lead to significant developmental impacts within the communities we serve—be it through education, health, or environmental sustainability. On the other hand, they foster a positive corporate culture that values and practices social responsibility. This holistic approach not only fulfills ARCH's mission of social development but also helps companies achieve their CSR objectives, ensuring that every stakeholder experiences the benefits of these initiatives.

By choosing to partner with ARCH for employee volunteering, companies can ensure that their efforts are not just charitable but strategically aligned with both corporate and community needs, leading to sustainable growth and development


Nutan Praveen, Senior IHS Specialist, IFF

“Our collaboration with ARCH Foundation has been truly fulfilling. The focus on nurturing tomorrow's leaders through dedicated educational programs and motivational activities has been commendable. Witnessing the shared joy of learning between our employees and the children, complemented by the thoughtful Diwali gifts, highlights a genuinely positive and engaging partnership. During our visit to the school, Srinivas and I interacted with both kids and teachers, gaining insights into how we can further involve our employees in these impactful projects. The children’s eagerness to learn and the positive feedback from teachers underscore the significant impact of your initiatives. Participating in the Eureka quiz competition further enriched our experience, adding a layer of engagement and accomplishment. It’s clear that our work with ARCH Foundation is making a meaningful difference, and the active involvement of our employees is pivotal to the program's success.”

D. Srinivas Reddy, Operations Manager, IFF

Ms. Deepmala Mulchandani, Structural Engineer, Worley India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Tejas Patel, Worley India Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Neha Padhye, Worley India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Yash Pandey, Worley India Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Vallabhi Harshola, Worley India Pvt. Ltd.

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