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Mini Science Lab

At Mini Science Lab, our mission is to transform schools into hubs of scientific curiosity and learning. We recognize the essential role of hands-on science education in fostering a lifelong interest in the subject. Our approach goes beyond merely supplying physical equipment; we aim to ignite a spark of interest in science among students through a variety of engaging activities.

We believe that establishing a Science Lab is crucial, but equally important is nurturing the enthusiasm of the students. To achieve this, we actively involve teachers and community members in our initiatives. This collaborative approach not only fosters transparency in learning but also significantly enhances the pedagogy of teaching science.

Our Vision with Mini Science Lab:

Through our efforts, we bring the wonder of science to students at the primary education level. By engaging them in exploratory and hands-on scientific activities, we aim to develop their basic cognitive skills and foster imaginative thinking. Our philosophy is simple: science shouldn't be seen as complex and unapproachable. Instead, through the Mini Science Lab initiative, we demonstrate that science is a fun, diverse, and exploratory discipline.

Join us at Mini Science Lab, where we make science enjoyable, affordable, and, most importantly, accessible to all.


Welcome to the Mini Science Lab, where we are dedicated to enriching the scientific learning experience for students from 6th to 10th grade. Here’s a glimpse into our core activities that make science both engaging and educative:

  • Setting Up Science Labs in Schools: We install comprehensive science labs, featuring 110 table-top working models covering physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. These models are meticulously aligned with the syllabus, ensuring that students can directly relate their curriculum to practical experiments.

  • Enhancing Teaching Pedagogy: Recognizing the crucial role of educators, we conduct training and workshops for teachers. Our focus is on making learning interesting and ensuring high retention levels, equipping teachers with innovative methods to deliver complex scientific concepts in an engaging manner.

  • Science Fairs: Science fairs are organized to provide students a platform to exhibit their creativity and understanding of science. These fairs are a celebration of innovation, where students present their unique projects and experiments.

  • Science Quizzes: We host stimulating quiz competitions that foster a healthy interest in various scientific areas. These quizzes challenge and expand students' knowledge, encouraging them to delve deeper into scientific studies.

  • Science Clubs: Our science clubs are designed to be interactive and exploratory, promoting discussions and curiosity among students and teachers. We provide a module of Do-It-Yourself science-based experiments, aligned with the school syllabus, to support hands-on learning.

  • Debate Competitions: Focusing on the advancements in technology, we organize debate competitions. These debates are a medium for students to articulate their views on technological innovations and their impact, fostering critical thinking and public speaking skills. At Mini Science Lab, we believe in making science a captivating and accessible discipline for every student. Join us in our journey to bring science to life in schools across the country.

Alignment with SDGs

Mini Science Lab proudly contributes to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, particularly:

Goal 4: Quality Education

By improving science education and making it accessible to all.

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Encouraging equal participation and opportunities in science for all genders.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

By fostering a culture of innovation and scientific inquiry.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Collaborating with various stakeholders to enhance science education.

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