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About US

Since its establishment in 2015, the ARCH Foundation has been a leader in incorporating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into its efforts to foster societal growth in India. As a frontrunner among NGOs, ARCH focuses on grassroots programs in education, infrastructure development, women's empowerment, sports promotion, and preventive health.


Specializing in building community resilience, particularly among marginalized women, girls, and children, ARCH offers comprehensive initiatives across livelihood, education, health, research, and volunteering. By leveraging external expertise, internal knowledge, and robust partnerships, we deliver impactful outcomes at scale. Our work goes beyond traditional approaches, ensuring sustainable, holistic interventions tailored to the diverse needs of our stakeholders.

Through its innovative projects, ARCH is not just fulfilling corporate and social responsibilities but is also setting a benchmark for how organizations can contribute to society's sustainable development. Join us in our journey toward creating lasting change and empowerment for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Mission & VISION


To unite corporate social responsibility with community needs, tackling education, employment, and health challenges. We aim to empower marginalized communities, promoting social responsibility at every step for a more inclusive future.


To lead in sustainable growth in India, where corporate social responsibility activities and environmental care open paths to success for all.

Why Choose US

By choosing ARCH Foundation, you're aligning with an entity that not only recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility in India but actively embodies this principle in every project. We are dedicated to creating sustainable change in education, health, and environmental care. Our commitment to empowering communities and driving inclusive growth highlights the crucial role CSR plays in shaping a better society.

Commitment to

Dedicated to integrating corporate social responsibility into all projects.


Focus on education, health, and sustainability with proven results.


Prioritizes empowering marginalized communities for inclusive growth.


Advocates for and implements environmentally sustainable initiatives.


Collaborates with a wide network of NGOs, corporations, and communities.

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