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Empowering Adolescent Girls: Project Abhaya

Project Abhaya stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for adolescent girls, addressing the critical need to reduce the alarming school dropout rates among girls. With a focus on addressing safety concerns, boosting confidence, and increasing awareness, Project Abhaya aims to reverse the concerning statistics reported by the Women and Child Development (WCD) Ministry: a 17.3% dropout rate at the secondary level and 4.74% at the elementary level in 2018-19. Understanding the challenges of the 21st century, our project is dedicated to equipping young girls with the essential skills and knowledge to confidently and resiliently face the future.

The core of Project Abhaya lies in its comprehensive workshop series, each meticulously designed to address crucial aspects of an adolescent girl's development. These workshops include self-defense training, empowering girls with the skills to protect themselves and enhancing their sense of security. Equally important is our focus on cyber safety, where we educate them about the responsible and safe use of digital technologies. These areas are pivotal in ensuring that girls not only feel secure in their immediate environment but are also well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the digital world.

At the heart of Project Abhaya is our commitment to fostering a nurturing environment where girls can excel academically, socially, and emotionally. We firmly believe in the transformative power of education and skill development. By investing in the holistic growth of young girls, Project Abhaya aspires to cultivate a generation of empowered, resilient, and successful young women, ready to take on the world. Join us in this mission to empower and uplift the future pillars of our society


  • Self-Defense Training: The self-defense training workshop is the cornerstone of our initiative at ARCH. Operating in Gadag and Kolar, Karnataka, we have established two fully equipped training clubs focusing on Mixed Martial Arts and self-defense. These workshops are not just about physical strength but also about instilling confidence and a sense of security in adolescent girls. In today’s world, where personal safety is a growing concern, this training equips them with essential skills to protect themselves in challenging situations.

  • Workshops on Cyber Safety: Our cyber safety workshops address the increasing need for digital awareness in the modern age. As internet usage becomes ubiquitous, it's crucial for adolescent girls to navigate online spaces safely. These workshops educate them about online privacy, cyberbullying, and responsible internet behaviors, ensuring they are well-equipped to face the digital world's challenges.

  • Workshop on Constitutional Rights: Understanding one’s rights is fundamental in today’s society. Our workshop on constitutional rights aims to educate girls about their legal rights and protections. This knowledge empowers them to be aware citizens, capable of advocating for themselves and others, and contributes to building a just and equitable society.

  • Workshop on Social Etiquettes and Grace: In a world where first impressions and social interactions are pivotal, our workshop on social etiquettes and grace plays a crucial role. This workshop helps girls develop poise, confidence, and proper etiquette, skills that are essential for personal and professional success in the 21st century.

  • Workshop on Menstrual Health Management: Addressing a traditionally taboo subject, our workshop on menstrual health management is vital for adolescent girls. It provides essential knowledge about menstrual hygiene and health, breaking down myths and stigma. This understanding is crucial for their physical well-being, self-esteem, and participation in daily activities without hindrance.

  • Workshop on Financial Literacy: Financial literacy is key to empowering girls to become independent and savvy individuals. Our workshop teaches them the basics of financial management, savings, and investment. This knowledge is pivotal in a rapidly evolving economic landscape, ensuring they are prepared to make informed financial decisions in their personal and professional lives. At ARCH, we believe in the holistic development of adolescent girls, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic world. Join us in nurturing a future where girls are confident, informed, and empowered leaders.

Alignment with SDGs

Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

These workshops align with several SDGs, notably SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being), SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 5 (Gender Equality), and SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities). By addressing these areas, ARCH is committed to creating a more equitable, informed, and healthy future for adolescent girls.


Priyanka Rathod Teacher, Diwan Dhanjishaw High School

"As a teacher at Diwan Dhanjishaw High School, I witnessed the positive impact of the self-defence training provided to the female students under Project Abhaya. This initiative holds immense significance as it empowers girls to become independent, confident, and capable of protecting themselves. By equipping them with self-defence skills, we aim to foster a sense of self-reliance and instil the belief that they have the right to live safely and fearlessly. Project Abhaya has provided a valuable opportunity for our students to develop the necessary tools to navigate their surroundings with confidence, ensuring their personal safety remains a priority."

Patel Janvi, B.Ed College Bharuch

Parmar Prachi A., S.Y; B. Ed.- Bharuch

Vasava Dishaben J., Std: 12th, Diwan Dhanji High School

Falguniben Vasava, SY B.Ed DIET, Bharuch

Divavala Drishti M, First year, B. Ed. College- Bharuch

Modi Shivangini Dharmendrakumar, B.Ed College, Bharuch.

Mahant Vrunda Shaileshkumar, Std – 11th,Diwan Dhanji High School - Bharuch

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