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Triumph at the Khel Mahakumbh District Rugby Tournament

We are honored to announce the significant achievements of our rugby teams at the recent Khel Mahakumbh District level competition. This event marked a remarkable milestone in our sports history, showcasing the skill and spirit of our student athletes.

Our girls' team brought home the gold medal, a testament to their hard work, strategic gameplay, and unwavering dedication. Their victory is not just a win for the team but a proud moment for the entire school community, deserving of high praise and recognition.

Not to be outdone, our boys' team captured the silver medal, demonstrating exceptional performance and competitive spirit. Their accomplishment highlights their resilience and commitment, as they faced and excelled against tough competition at the national level.

Together, our teams were awarded a total of 92,000 rupees in prize money, a rewarding acknowledgment of their prowess in the sport. These achievements underscore the strength of our rugby program and the potential of our young athletes.

We are incredibly proud of both teams. Their success at the Khel Mahakumbh District level is a beacon of inspiration for all our students, proving that dedication and teamwork can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

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