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Summer Camp

Name of the event: Summer camp

Project: Umang - Joy of Learning

Location: All project locations

Outreach: 2000

Description: A vibrant summer camp was conducted across various project locations, engaging children from government schools in a week filled with fun and creative activities.

The summer camp offered a variety of activities aimed at fostering creativity and fun among the students. These activities included:

1. File Folder Creation & Paper Cup Art

2. Dream Catcher & Book Mark

3. Name Plate Designing & Rose Flower

4. Wall Hanging Art & Wind Mill

5. Best Out of Waste Projects & Sun flower

6. Non-Fire Cooking & Exhibition

The main highlight of these summer camps was the final day exhibition, where the community came together to admire the articles made by the children. It was a joyous occasion, seeing the children proudly showcase their creations.

Feedbacks(Minimum 3):

“As I glanced out from my balcony, I noticed a group of children engaged in craft activities at the school across the street. Intrigued, I resolved to join their session, curious to see if it captured my interest enough to participate further.

Believe me, those six days defined my summer in the most unforgettable ways. Each day unfolded with fresh learning opportunities and imaginative endeavors. We delved into a plethora of creative projects, reveling in laughter and exploration. I made new friends, and the last day was simply superb, showcasing all our activities like an exhibition. My mother appreciated my creativity, and my favorite activity was making a dream-catcher.” - Sridha, 7th Grade, Balapur

“My daughter Drishti has changed a lot since she joined Project Umang. She is always engaged in some or the other activity. Whenever she learns something new, she immediately starts doing it using the same concept and tries to make something new after coming home. This way I feel she has gotten very active and curious.

Due to this, now she has also become very interested in studying.

Today in this exhibition, I saw that all the children have made very nice and unique things. Due to learning all such activities, our children have reduced the use of mobile phones and watching TV to a great extent.” - Vasava Kailashben N, Drishti's Mother, Bharuch

“We are both best friends. Every year in vacation we play together. In so many years we can evidently say that this was the best vacation we ever had!

This time we learned many activities to do, and it was so much fun doing it together with other kids On the last day we cooked together and ate together.

On this day, our mothers came to see our activities. For the first time they came to know that we are doing such a great activity. A big thank you to Project Umang for making us enjoy so much.” - Aayesha- 7th grade, Supriya-6th grade, ZP school Saravali

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