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The Purposeful Funfair

I create. I take risks. I am passionate. I’m an Entrepreneur!

Funfairs are usually associated with entertainment and letting your hair down. But the kind of hard work and planning that takes place behind the scenes is what 450 students of government aided schools experienced from Rajkot, Padra and Ankleshwar, in association with Supack and Huntsman.

The students were given the task of setting-up and managing innovative booths and stalls for visitors of the funfair with the intention of maximising their profit. This brought out a whole new side of street-smartness and budding entrepreneurship among the children who literally burnt the midnight oil strategizing, planning and organising for the event.

In fact, apart from managing their own stalls they collaborated with one another and organised promotional rallies with marketing collaterals like banners and slogans inviting more footfall to the funfair.  They visited from home to home ensuring every family attended the event. Such passion and excitement left us goose-bumped literally!

We at ARCH oriented the students on the procedure of making invoices for cash payments, settling accounts, calculating break-even and some promotional strategies. But what actually contrived at the actual funfair was simply mesmerising. The presence of healthy competition ensured that each stall was different from the other. Right from aesthetics to stall decoration, from choice of product to promotions, from customer engagement to negotiations students had a well-etched plan in place.

One could see parents of these students, who were otherwise uninvolved in their academic journey, encouraging and supporting their wards. It was a classic affair of teamwork, enterprise and creativity at its best. Often, the most difficult concepts are learnt in a play-way method. This was the feedback that the school teachers and principals gave to us who were amazes to see challenging concepts of maths, social and communication skills that otherwise seemed daunting being displayed in abundance. All in all, a purposeful intervention for all stakeholders!

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