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  • Rashi Shah

Science is just magic with better PR

As a child there seemed something magical about the soap bubbles. Little hearts did a somersault every time a bubble flowed in the air from the tiny hoop. My little curious mind also imagined, if the boy who sold me the shiny glitter wrapped bottle of magic bubbles, also ever felt the same somersault.

For children science is like magic, getting to know the science behind an experiment or any naturalistic phenomenon backed by science is like knowing the magic trick. Arch Development Foundation took an initiative to make learning effective and fun during these difficult times (a little secret: they might be producing the scientists of tomorrow).

Science theatre, an initiative taken by Arch Development Foundation, is an approach to STEM education that integrates high quality, hands on instructions with a deep commitment to serving the community. During these difficult times, when the schools are closed and students are disconnected with learning, the team of Arch came up with a fun learning zoom call where they connect with children to teach them the art of science. So far they have conducted 58 workshops covering 1800 students from government schools. 

They inculcate various scientific approaches in their workshop like- bubble making, capillary action, surface tension, rolling friction and electromagnetism. These workshops have a practical approach towards these topics leaving the little minds with budding knowledge and curiosity. Discussions among the students and the team members leading the workshop are encouraged where the students are free to ask questions about what they discovered during the experiments and develop hypotheses for the next activity, building on what they have learned the week before.

It is extremely soothing to see the enthusiasm with which the children participate in the activities. It is the twinkle in their eyes when they get the experiment right, or the drop in their jaws, when they are simply amazed by the wonders of science, which makes everyone realise how important it is to not deprive any child of knowledge. Arch has been able to blur the lines between science and magic for the little children, widening their horizons to more knowledge, more science and more fun!

This wonderful initiative has been like a ray of sun after a cloudy and gloomy morning, brightening not only the smiles of the children, but also their future.

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