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Saloni’s volunteering speaks louder than words

I’ve a firm believer in doing good. Every now and then I stop the car and feed biscuits to street mongrels. I dutifully pack the leftover food and give it to my building security. I donate old clothes to maids and used books to the library.

Yet, one act of volunteering with ARCH gave me that deep sense of satisfaction that had eluded me all the while.

I started out with assisting them in an educational program for under privileged school kids and today I am involved in many a projects that they run. I train the differently-abled participants in soft skills and hold motivational workshops for them. I am also closely associated in the management team of school kit distribution. I’m passionate about connecting with school children helping them ignite creativity and hands-on learning by conducting fun activities for them.

I believe in today’s world the key to success is collaboration. Just like how at work we synergize and perform in a team, philanthropy and serving the society is best achieved with collective effort.

 ARCH gives me the ideal platform to devote my time and energy in meaningful events that I could not have been able to do in isolation.

The impact of my volunteering has been strengthened by the support of ARCH. I feel, true to their name, they are the arch to my need to serve the society and make a strong contribution to the community.

Besides, my time with volunteering at ARCH has had a profound impact on my overall performance at work. My relationship with family, friends, co-workers and associates has improved. My sense of accomplishment and motivation is much higher. I am able to plan my time better and ensure to respect deadlines. And the best part is that this feel-good factor happened right from the first contribution I made with them.

Volunteering has become an important part in defining me as a person. I deeply enjoy the experience of bringing smiles on faces that have absolutely no expectations from me. It is a satisfaction that cannot be described with mere words.

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