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Project Umang - Rajkot

An idle space is a power house of opportunity. 

We couldn’t agree more when we saw the empty space in Haripar school which was becoming a point of annoyance to maintain for the school authorities. For the last five years the school was running pillar to post collecting sponsorship and raising funds to clean, uphold and put the space to good use.

We at ARCH, committed under Project Umang, devised a unique plan to optimize this existing resource to the fullest.  We helped the school to get a land filling done and decided to convert it into a kitchen garden using the efforts of the students. 

The excitement with which was idea was received left us in awe. 

After completing their academic endeavours the students would spend hours together painting old tyres and other recycled goods to beautify the place. As they planted new vegetable saplings the hope and conviction with which they did brought a wave of happiness. In a few weeks we could see positive results. In a matter of months one could spot seasonal vegetables lining the garden. It was endearing to see the change this experience brought in the children. 

From being careless and destructive they evolved as protective and responsible for their actions. Besides, a green space was created that enhanced quality of air, fostering positivity and natural landscaping. 

Using their own resource the students diverted their wasteful energy into a meaningful activity that built co-operation, team work, ownership and a sense of culpableness in them. Everything adding Umang and limitless joy for the society!

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