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Pickle Ball

Name of the event: Pickle Ball

Project: Umang - Prakash Chemicals

Location: Vadodara Outreach: 20 Students

Description: We initiated pickleball training for children at our project schools, marking the beginning of an exciting journey. Through this unique and rapidly growing sport, we aim to introduce the students to pickleball, fostering both their physical fitness and strategic thinking. The goal is to not only acquaint them with the sport but also to nurture their skills and potential, guiding them to become champions in the game.

The selection rounds commenced this month, allowing us to identify and train promising young athletes who will represent our schools in future competitions. This process shall allow students to showcase their skills and passion for the sport, giving them a chance to represent our school in competitions and events.

Out of 20 students who participated, 15 have been selected to receive training throughout the year at the Match Point Academy. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to compete in various tournaments. This marks a proud moment, as students from a small village and government school have achieved this accomplishment. It reflects their dedication, hard work, and the support they have received from the community. We look forward to seeing them excel and represent their school and village with pride on the pickle ball game”.

Feedback 1

Name of Students: Parmar Rudra

Ampad Primary School

Grade 7

"A month ago we were introduced to a game called "pickleball." At first, when I heard about it, I didn't pay much attention. But when I got home, I decided to look it up on Google and found videos about it on YouTube. I was surprised at how interesting it looked, and I became really curious about it.

Then, we were further told that a few children will be selected and further trained professionally. During selectionI performed well, and I was selected to join further. I find the game so fascinating and have started loving it! I've been going to the academy for the past four days, and I'm having a great time learning and playing this exciting game. Thank you ARCH & Prakash Chemicals for this opportunity."

Feedback 2

Name of Students: Padhiyar Priya

Sevasi Primary School

Grade 7

“We got to know that we are going to be introduce to some new sport this year, and I was quite excited about it. When I heard about a game called "pickleball" I was puzzled because I had never heard of it before. During the summer camp, ma'am came to our school for the selection round, and since I'm very fond of sports, I wanted to participate. I even got selected. However, my parents were hesitant to let me go as it was far from my house. Fortunately, Hetvi Ma'am visited my house and spoke to my parents and convinced them.

After this, I joined and started playing pickleball at the match point pickleball academy in Sevasi. I'm really glad to be here, it's my first time seeing a sports facility like this, and I'm enjoying every moment of it.”

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