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Pause now! There’s a magical world of science around us!

Curiosity starts with the itch to explore and make an inquiry. Children are naturally curious. They find joy in everything around them and  love to know how things work.” Let’s explore” is an initiative by ARCH to fuel the curiosity of a child about his surrounding and capturing it through the lense of a camera.

Arch completed a thought-provoking and very engaging program for school kids to kindle their curiosity in everyday science.

We conducted this program in 8 Government aided schools with more than 500 students belonging to families where parents were employed in blue-collared jobs like rickshaw pullers and house maids. In a lifestyle like theirs where there is limited exposure to stimulating science conversations.

We gave each child a task of taking a photo of anything around them in which they saw a principle of science.  On receiving this assignment the kids were thrilled with the prospect of discovering their favourite scientific item and taking a picture independently. Some kids were excited with the prospect of holding a camera for the very first time.

The outcome of this project left us speechless. Most children were very selective and particular about their item of choice and took their time to shortlist it. Some took interesting photos of shadows of themselves explaining that shadow was an act of science; one took a photo of a fallen leaf highlighting the law of gravity while one took a blank photo depicting air as a tool of science. Pictures from sun to solar panels were covered and this exciting project left us with many interesting revelations

Kids are curious by nature and they love hands-on learning!

They are also very patient and excited to know what good others are doing. For them the subject of science does not end with the end of a project, it only ignites their ability to think beyond.

It’s been one month since we completed this project and we are getting encouraging feedback from the participant schools. Kids are having a blast discovering science in dirt and mud, in water and sunlight.

I think what we wanted to achieve we have, to set footprints of thought and inquisition in young minds that make the future of India.

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