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Our Platter is full – Exciting upcoming events to watch at ARCH

018 has started on a busy note at ARCH. In the next one month we have exciting activities, events and projects in the field of education and skill building up our sleeve. Click on the link to know more about the upcoming events at ARCH for skills-based volunteering.


2018 has started on a busy note at ARCH. In the next one month we have exciting activities, events and projects in the field of education, skill building and others up our sleeve.


Riding high on last year’s stupendous success, we have the Science Fair in Vadodara targeting more than 2000 students from government aided and corporation run schools. The big idea is to create an engaging and interactive platform where kids exchange concepts of science in a play-way and fun manner building models and experiments using readily available resources. It is a giant step to make the presence of science felt out of text books and into our everyday life.


Furthering our passion to ignite curiosity and inquisition in children there is another workshop that we are organising on science model making in collaboration with Community Science Centre at Rajkot and Hazira, Surat. There will be more than 1000 students participating from primary level government schools. We believe that science is a way of thinking and not an academic subject alone. Thus, with this project we aim to hone children on scientific skills that will enhance their aptitude and learning and in turn accelerate their development.


Next on the cards is Project Umang Concert; a unique opportunity for the children studying in government schools to groom their personality, enhance creativity and imagination by participating to acquire proficiency in activities like arts and craft, music and dance, theatre and spoken English which are otherwise beyond the scope of routine school curriculum. This too was designed and executed successfully last year and the upcoming edition this year will cover more than 250 students from primary level government schools of Surat. These children will get a brilliant opportunity to showcase all that they have learnt in the form of an annual concert where their talent will find an engaging and appreciative audience. Skill building will result in confidence building too. Next, for the very first time we are organising a debate competition on the topic Television – a Resource or Nuisance? There will be more than 250 participants from government aided schools in Vadodara. We believe that participating in debates help build reasoning in children. They become capable of turning facts and statistics into a strong argument. Their expression, body language and speech delivery enhances. Critical listening and responding skills also get developed. Finally, they are able to organise their thoughts and develop the ability to prioritise them intelligently.


Lastly, there is an exciting proposition for the differently-abled. We are organising a full day exposure visit at a BPO for our deaf and mute participants from Project Naya Savera – a skill building program. They will be spending the whole day at E-Tech Company interacting with staff members across various departments getting an experience of the different functions of the company. A slice of life in a corporate enterprise will give them better understanding of the expected organizational etiquettes and behaviour in turn helping them to scale up their own performance. Such an event will motivate and inspire them to aim higher for themselves.

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