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Live. Love. Re-cycle

Read About our new initiative – Recycle and re-use of old banners 

We at ARCH experienced a EUREKA moment while planning for the Eureka Science Fest this year. As we were designing the collaterals and promotional materials for making banners for the event we realised that while these banners were visually appealing and aesthetic they were of absolutely no use once the event was over. Thousands of rupees were usually spent for each program without reaping any post event benefit.

This got us thinking and opened a whole new avenue for environment sustainability - Recycling and Re-using banners! 

Considering the nature of the material we realised that the banners could actually make sturdy and water-proof bags. Our team got working and roped in a designer from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad who created samples of user-friendly schools bags that children hailing from extremely low income groups could use.

Our study said that there was a significant student population that either didn’t carry any books or carried them their hands as they could not afford school bags. Giving them a school bag would encourage them to look after their learning resources properly. From the sustainability point of view, we have roped in many printers who have happily agreed to provide us with banners; our raw material and have started to identify needy women who can stitch the bags at a nominal cost.  

A simple idea is turning into reality with a threefold benefit to the society– recycling of waste, employment amongst women and empowering the student community.

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