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Celebrating Empowerment: The Journey of Jaisalmer's Women

It's truly inspiring to witness the #journey of #empowerment that the women of Jaisalmer are undertaking through our initiative, "#UnnatiKiShakti," in collaboration with Viviid Emissions Reductions Universal Private Limited. We recently organized an exposure visit for our Self-Help Group (#SHG) leaders to Barmer, which proved to be a transformative experience.

During the visit, our SHG leaders had the privilege of meeting Ruma Devi, a symbol of empowerment and resilience. Hearing her story, our leaders were imbued with a renewed sense of confidence and ambition. They were particularly inspired by how Ruma Devi has used tradition as a source of strength, rather than viewing it as a limitation.

This encounter has deepened our belief that embracing our cultural heritage with pride can lead to extraordinary achievements. Let's celebrate the spirit of these remarkable women, who demonstrate that barriers are merely stepping stones on the path to success.

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