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Summer Camp - Beating The Heat, Why Not Do It Neat?

Summers are often a time when schools break for vacations and all we do is laze and play, but ARCH has found a creative yet educative way to make summers a learning extravaganza! Summer Camp is an education initiative of ARCH Foundation under the banner of Project Anandi in collaboration with Huntsman, in three schools of Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Channeling the inner curiosity and creativity of the children, Summer Camp activities include fun, frolic and learning! Creating Learning Material through Waste - Paper, plastic, trash in cans, let’s up-cycle and take a stand! Best out of Waste is not just an activity, but rather a practice in the schools through Project Anandi. Children use the waste material to create beautiful, sustainable and creative projects to decorate the schools. Summer camps are not only a way to refresh the students post examinations, but also to instill a sense of community responsibility and environment sustainability!

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