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SGFI Tournament @ Gandhinagar

The Khelo Charanka initiative, a remarkable sports project by ARCH, recently celebrated a milestone achievement as its players participated in the SGFI Tournament in Gandhinagar, showcasing their rugby football prowess. For these talented athletes, hailing from the remote village of Charanka, this was their first venture beyond their village boundaries and into the arena of a state-level tournament. Their debut was nothing short of spectacular; the boys' team clinched victory in their match, while the girls' team demonstrated impressive defensive skills on the field. In a testament to their skill and dedication, five players from the Khelo Charanka initiative were selected for the national team, marking their entry into the national sports arena. This achievement not only highlights the success of the Khelo Charanka project in nurturing sporting talent but also underscores the potential of these young athletes to make a significant impact in the world of sports.

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