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I’m Planting A Tree To Teach Me To Make The World A Better Place

On a wet Saturday morning, our 20 volunteers from L&T Technology services, including a group of students, participated in a tree plantation at the Government school in Vadodara. Team work and efforts were clearly visible at times when volunteers formed groups with children and planted over 50 plants in an open area of school. In today’s informed world, planting trees is nothing uncommon, enlightening school students has definitely been on rise, and the new mantra of volunteering is buzzing around everywhere. However when you perform a simple activity like tree plantation as intricate and involved as giving birth to a life… what we call creation and that was the spirit with all of our volunteers, team members, school staff and little dedicated children….that we pledge to take care of the new comer till it grows to its full and blossoms to the healthiest state in times to come.

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