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GNFC Study at Bharuch and Dahej


The impact assessment study for GNFC's 2023-24 CSR projects was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of various initiatives undertaken in 18 villages of Bharuch and Dahej.

Importance of Study:

This study is crucial as it assesses the impact of GNFC's CSR activities on economic development, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and other key areas. Understanding the outcomes of these initiatives helps in measuring their success and identifying areas that require improvement.

Area and Villages:

The study focused on 18 villages located in the regions of Bharuch and Dahej. These areas were chosen to provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact of GNFC's CSR projects on diverse communities.


Our research team conducted on-field surveys, gathering data and insights directly from relevant stakeholders and the broader community. This hands-on approach ensured an accurate and thorough assessment of the initiatives' impact. The resulting comprehensive impact report is provided to GNFC, aiding in identifying existing gaps and devising strategies for the upcoming year. This feedback will be instrumental in enhancing the effectiveness of future CSR projects, ensuring they meet the community's needs more effectively.

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