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Eye Check Up Camp at Indore

Event: Eye Checkup Camp

Project: CTH Study Centre

Outreach: 1000


As part of CTH Study Centre project, we have initiated community eye check-up camps in Indore. Our team at each study center had assessed that many children have issues with eyesight, which are often overlooked due to various reasons. Thus, these camps are being organised with the aim to address these concerns which is aimed to cover over 1000 beneficiaries in Indore.

The initiative not only helped in diagnosing and treating eye problems but also raised awareness about the importance of eye health. The positive feedback from participants underscores the impact of the camp in improving the vision and overall well-being of the community.

Feedback 1

"I had issues in my eye sight but due to few reasons my parents couldn't take me to the doctor. So when we were told about this camp I went there with my parents and told the doctor about my issue, then he did my eye check up and we came to know that I have to use spectacles to improve my vision. The doctors were very thorough and explained everything clearly. I’m grateful for this and now onwards will take care of my eyes. - Arpita, Nath Mohalla

Feedback 2

"I use my mother's mobile phone a lot during my free time at home to watch YouTube videos, my mother keeps scolding me for the same but I never paid any heed to it. But recently at study centre my teacher told me that I might have issues with my vision as I was not able to read from the black board properly. So I went to the free eye check up camp and found out that I have to wear specs now. I feel really bad and now onwards I won't use the phone much. " - Khushi -Raghunandan baugh

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