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Empowerment Workshop for Women at Bhiwadi

Name of event: Empowerment Workshop for Women

Project: CTH Study Centre

Location: Bhiwadi

Outreach: 88


* Communication Engagement

* Self-Reliance

* Situation awareness

* Child safety

* Impact Puberty

* Communication

* Dealing with teenagers


As part of the CTH Study Centre Project, a workshop was conducted, bringing together mothers from 15 study centre locations. The session, conducted by the Anon Global Foundation, saw engaging participation from 88 women. Key topics included self-reliance, understanding the impact of puberty on children, handling teenagers, and improving communication with adolescent girls. The workshop aimed to equip mothers with practical skills and knowledge for effective parenting. Participants actively engaged in discussions and activities, finding the session informative and supportive. The workshop successfully equipped women with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure the safety and well-being of their children, enhance communication within the family, and effectively support their teenagers through challenging times.The workshop included interactive activities, group discussions, and role-playing scenarios to engage participants actively and reinforce learning.

Specialists in child psychology, communication, and adolescent behavior shared their expertise, providing valuable insights and answering participants' questions.

The workshop fostered a sense of community among attendees, encouraging them to support each other and share experiences and strategies.

Feedback 1.

"The workshop was very extensive covering critical topics and practical, actionable advice were provided. I am sure now my ability to communicate with my daughter would be enhance and I feel more confident now in addressing safety and teenage issues. I look forward to more such sessions in future." - Khushboo, Kajiwada, Bhiwadi

Feedback 2

"I learned so many new techniques for communicating with my children. The role-playing exercises were especially helpful in understanding how to approach difficult conversations. The workshop taught me how to listen actively and empathetically. My relationship with my teenage daughter has improved significantly." - Sunita, Sector 3, Bhiwadi

Feedback 3:

"The session on child safety was indeed eye-opening. I now feel more confident in identifying potential dangers and know how to handle emergencies effectively and guide my daughter and nieces accordingly." - Anita, Bhiwadi Chopal

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