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Empowerment Workshop for Adolescent Girls at Bhiwadi

Event: Girls Workshop

Project: CTH Study Centre

Location: Bhiwadi

Outreach: 120


* Buddy concept

* Self-reliance

* Situational awareness

* Safe and unsafe touch

* Communication with parents

* Skill development


The workshop emphasized the importance of having a buddy for safety and support in various environments such as school, social events, and outdoor activities.

Participants learned about the responsibilities of being a buddy, such as looking out for each other, providing emotional support, and the mutual benefits that come with having a reliable companion.

Sessions focused on building independence through problem-solving exercises and real-life scenarios where girls could practice making decisions on their own.

Strategies on how to react to different types of threats, including role-playing scenarios to practice responses to emergencies, suspicious behavior, and unexpected situations. The positive feedback from participants highlighted the workshop's impact in fostering confidence, independence, and a strong sense of community among the attendees.

Feedback 1

"The life skills training was fantastic. I specially enjoyed the activities and the trainers were very jolly and provided us with encouragement. This further motivated me to participate and give answers. Learning first-aid and financial literacy has made me feel more independent and capable. Learning about safety apps and how to use technology to stay safe was very useful. I feel more secure knowing I have these tools at my disposal." Rajashree, Sathalka 2, Bhiwadi

Feedback 2

"The sessions on situational awareness were very insightful, I saw something like this for the first time. Nobody has ever spoken to me about my safety and how I need to be aware of my surroundings. I now pay more attention to my surroundings and feel more prepared to handle different situations." Sanjana, Milakpur, Bhiwadi

Feedback 3

"The buddy system training was helpful. I will make sure I share this knowledge with others in my neighbourhood, especially of safe and unsafe touch. I now have a better understanding of how to look out for my friends and how we can support each other." - Simran, Sector 4, Bhiwadi

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