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Celebrating Our Teams' Success at the State-Level Rugby Tournament

Cheers to the remarkable achievements of both our boys' and girls' rugby teams in the recent state-level rugby football tournament. Their participation and success in this competitive event are testaments to their hard work, skill, and sheer determination.

The boys' team demonstrated exceptional proficiency, making it all the way to the semi-finals—an outstanding accomplishment that underscores their talent and high-level competitive spirit. Their journey through the tournament was marked by strategic plays and teamwork, showcasing the results of their rigorous training and preparation.

Equally commendable is the achievement of our girls' team, who won the bronze medal. This podium finish is not just a result of their dedication and effort but also highlights their competitive spirit and capability to excel under pressure. The girls' team has truly set a high standard with their performance, proving themselves as formidable contenders in the sport.

We are incredibly proud of both teams' accomplishments. Their achievements reflect the strong sports culture at our school and our commitment to excellence in all areas of student development.

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