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A Small Contribution

Where the plight and sorrow only multiplied with the ever-rising +ve cases of COVID -19 everyone is making their little efforts by contributing in some way - what kept us wondering was how to address the debacle of doing something effective yet not risking the health of any of our team members. While talking to our team members across states and areas in the early stages made us envisage the tomorrow which was even more frightening - questions like what happens if this spreads too far off remote places, smaller villages and kasbas where scarcity is beyond the basics. Lack of information, lack of awareness coupled with poor medical infrastructure would lead to mayhem. So we are addressing this in our own possible was by integrating our stakeholders spread in various parts and create a) Awareness - that this is not only an urban problem it’s an unwarned pandemic traveling anywhere b) Measures of containment - start making homemade masks by providing video tutorials on raw-material and process and c) Distribute these marks by collaborating with local health workers and panchayat - who are still having local possibilities of reach out but lack resources.

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