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Unnati Skill Center

Project Name: Unnati

Location: Savli

Outreach 23-24: Tailoring - 34 beneficiaries, Mehandi - 74 beneficiaries, Beauty Parlour - 71 beneficiaries

In its second year, the Unnati Skill Centre continues to empower women in Savli through skill development courses in tailoring, mehndi, and beauty parlour management. By nurturing skills, instilling confidence, and fostering growth, the center uplifts individual lives and contributes significantly to community development. Each program is designed to cater to various skill levels, helping participants gain techniques for personal and professional advancement, ultimately fostering self-sufficiency and economic independence.

In tailoring, women learn from basic stitching to advanced garment construction, enabling them to start businesses or pursue sewing as a hobby. The mehndi course enhances artistic skills with traditional and contemporary designs, opening cultural and economic opportunities. The beauty parlour training transforms participants' lives by providing comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the beauty industry, shaping careers and promoting self-expression and empowerment.

Feedback 1 :

Name: Amitaben Vijaykumar Chavda

Village : Savli

" Due to transportation challenges, the Unnati team conducted two-month courses in my village. I completed courses in Mehandi and Beauty Parlour management. Subsequently, I began taking local orders, and eventually received a seed fund of Rs. 15,000 from the Unnati team.

With this support, I established my own parlour in Savli. In addition to earning a monthly income of Rs. 7,000 from the parlour, I generated Rs. 20,000 during the wedding season by catering to bridal orders."

Feedback 2:

Name - Jyotiben Kantilal Solanki   

Village - Garadhiya

"I enrolled in beauty parlour, mehndi, and sewing courses at the Unnati Skill Centre, and quickly turned these skills into a thriving small business of my own. Now, I earn a steady income of 4000 rupees per month from these endeavors.

Driven by my passion for cooking, I started sharing cooking videos on my YouTube channel. Encouraged by the response, I'm now planning to expand into makeup, mehendi, and sewing tutorials as well. With the seed money from the Unnati team, I invested in a Fall binding machine, which has further boosted my income.

My ultimate goal is to establish my own beauty parlour and achieve complete financial independence, allowing me to provide the best care for my mother."

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