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Eureka Science Fest – Day 2

Debate competition – Modern education Vs. Gurukul System What do you think – Which system is better – Gurukul system or Modern education? Gurukul is the best compared to modern education, says Keshvi from grade 6 - Noida Kanya Inter College In my opinion, Gurukul is one of the best educational systems. In modern education, it is just like spoon-feeding. Students will by-heart the same things as spoken by the teacher and thereby they are losing their ability to think and do accordingly. In Gurukul, along with the education for living, the students are attaining education for livelihood also and there is a mutual understanding between the teacher and the student. In modern life, there is no such communication or understanding between the guru and shishya. So Gurukul is the best. We came across many such thoughts from the students who debated over the Best education system – Gurukul or Modern Education. What do you think – Which system is better – Gurukul or Modern education? Now when we see many private institutions are promoting the concept of modern Gurukul, concept school and so on…are we going back to our traditional system of education or creating a fusion combining both the concepts? And where the dilemma continues over adoption and transformation with the changing time – there was a chance to have the viewpoint of students themselves.

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