Education may take a pause.....but Learning continues

A global pandemic like Covid-19 has brought a serious altercation in the way the world works. UNESCO estimates that 23.8 million school-going children may drop out of school next year. Most of these students belong to government-aided schools that are not equipped with digital learning. 20% of girl students from migrant families face the threat of being married off instead of finishing their matriculation. With almost zero income,today, the focus of the underprivileged societyhas turned to mere survival where education haspointedly taken a back-seat. The new government policy aims to bring 2 crore students back to mainstream education. We at Arch Development Foundation have been working in the field of education for the underprivileged society for the last 5 years. To address this mushrooming super-problem and nip it at the bud we have launched iLearn.

We are rapidly building a new paradigm of interaction with our students, teachers and parents in phase manner :

Expanding learning beyond classroom

Switching to Digital learning

A novel initiative by ARCH Foundation

iLearn, an initiative by ARCH Development Foundation, is committed to address and overcome problems of child labor, forced school dropouts, lack of interest, and low self-esteem. We aim to change this belief by building blocks for a better and brighter future through education and selfdevelopment.

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Expanding Learning Beyond classroom

The closures of schools have likely to widen the learning gap between children from lower-income and higher-income families. School closures in response to COVID-19 have shed light on various social & economic issues, including digital learning, food, insecurity, and homelessness. The impact is more severe for disadvantaged children and their families, causing interrupted learning, compromised nutrition, childcare problems, and consequent economic cost to families who could not work.

As per the rapid assessment done by our team in 100 schools where we are operational since past three year, it was realized that many students are not going to come back even after the school reopens. Students from 8th to 12th grade are more vulnerable to drop out due to their usefulness at home and work sites. ARCH has committed itself to support their education and ensure their safe return in the school after the school reopens and fully operational.

Switching to digital learning platforms where possible

When India announced closing of schools due to the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, ARCH needed to rapidly rethink the delivery of its extra-curricular science programme for the students from 6th to 10th grade.

With our quick assessment we realized that out of 120 schools we are working with across states, only 28% Students have access to online platform. This gave ARCH a window of opportunity to reach out and engage a large number of students in various learning program. As ARCH adopts the online meeting platform Zoom in partnership with various organizations and experts, a priority was to adopt the pedagogy to ensure students would engage and participate in experiments and learner-led discussions.